Successfully brokering the wholesale club marketplace since 1990.

Club Care Inc.

Global Presence

Club Care actively markets products in the wholesale club industry on a global scale. We frequently market in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Taiwan, Australia and Japan.

Who Is Club Care?

Located in Little Rock, Arkansas, Club Care has been integrating businesses and products in the wholesale club model since 1990. Our mission is to guide clients to successful business endeavors in the wholesale club marketplace.

Wholesale Club Sales

Club Care specializes in wholesale sales to clubs that include Costco, Sams, BJ’s, Cost-U-Less, PriceSmart and Restaurant Depot. We assist our clients in using their existing manufacturing capabilities to maximize their sales opportunities.

Client Services

Wholesale Brokerage

Product Development

Sales Presentation

Product Promotion

Global Procurement

Price Planning and Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

Have the wholesale clubs overbuilt?

Hardly! The continental United States can support twice the number of warehouse units that current exist. Additionally, many clubs are expanding into countries outside the United States, such as Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and Australia.

Will the sales come in a flood that will overwhelm our production, shipping and financial controls?

That depends on your program and goals. Club Care assists in designing programs that meet your comfort zone. The wholesale club industry is one of the only sectors of the food industry which has obtained consistent, sustainable growth. It is definitely the industry of the future.

Is it possible to make a profit in this segment of the market?

Of course. The Wholesale Club buyers want you to make a profit; if you don’t you will quickly tire of the business and look elsewhere. The buyers in this industry do ask that you remove MDF funds, slotting fees, and any other added programs. They simply want low margin pricing on a daily basis.

Are my company’s products considered a wholesale club product?

A. Do you produce a high quality product?
B. Is it priced competitively?
C. Are your production and shipping departments flexible and customer oriented?
D. Are your sales and profit budgets geared toward long term sustainable growth?

If you answered “Yes” to the above questions, then there is little doubt that you have a Wholesale Club mentality and will probably be successful marketing to Wholesale Clubs.

How difficult will it be to service wholesale club accounts?

In the early stages of the industry it could be a challenge to offer timely service. In the past ten years, a comprehensive system of depots and consignment centers have taken away most of the delivery headaches. Club Care, Inc. is well positioned to help solve these logistical worries and will be there to help in your order handling.


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